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How to enable product view counts

The CarLOVE tool can allow the user to see how many people have viewed a certain product so far that day on the relevant product page. To allow this functionality, go to the left hand menu, locate the TOOLS tab and click to open the secondary menu. Click the TOOL SETTINGS tab to open the management page.

Toggle the slider labeled “Enable Product View Counts Panes”.

You can then set a cap as to how many people have to view the product for the view count to display in the field “Minimum number of views for products”.

You can also set how long it will take for the count to display and how long you want the count to stay displayed by filling in the “Show after milliseconds” and “Stay for milliseconds” fields. Each second is 1000 milliseconds. So for example, if you want the view count to display after three seconds, you would enter 3000 milliseconds in the “Show after milliseconds” field.

Once you are done editing these fields, click SAVE at the bottom of the page. The changes to your CartLOVE tool should occur immediately.

Updated on: 12/01/2020

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