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How to create and manage product groups

How to create product groups

Creating product groups will help your CartLOVE tool identify which similar products to display on product pages and let you create promotions specifically for the product group. To create these groups, make sure your Google merchant feed is connected and your products are uploaded.

On the left hand menu you will find the PRODUCT GROUPS tab. Click this to access the page where you will manage your product groups. To create a new one, click the PLUS (+) icon in the upper right corner.

In the first field, choose a name for your product group relevant to the products you will be including in it.

Next, you need to set a rule which will sort through your Google Merchant Feed to generate the product group. You’ll need to choose a particular word or code only used in the products you want to group together. This can come from any column in the feed, so look to see how you have labeled your columns and choose the right language to sort your products.

Here are the fields and what they effect:

ATTRIBUTE: Choose a product attribute that you want to use to group your products. This should be a column which will contain similarities relevant to the product group you want to create. i.e. Using the 'title' attribute will allow you to group products that contain or start with the same letters (or words) in their titles.

CONDITION: This is the place where you set the parameters of how your column will be sorted. If you want it to include products containing the certain language, you would choose “contains” or “exactly matching”. If you wanted to exclude products containing this language you would choose “does not contain” or “is not matching”.

VALUE: This field is where you will input the word, words, numbers, characters, etc. you want to use to match in the conditions that the products contain in your product data.

You can also create multiple rules for this product group. The next dropdown will give you two options: “And” and “Or”. If you want to add an additional rule to sort the products in your category more specifically, choose “And”. If you want to add an 'additional' way for more products to be added to this group even if the first rule doesn’t apply, you would choose “Or”. If you want to refine the list of products to meet more conditions, you would choose "And".

Once you are done, click SAVE. You should immediately see the product group you’ve created in the list on the product groups page. Check to make sure your products listed in this group are accurate. If there are any issues, revisit the rules you’ve created to see why they are not matching the products you have intended to group.

How to manage product groups

On the left hand menu you will find the PRODUCT GROUPS tab. Click this to access the page where you will manage your product groups. If you have created one or more product groups you will see a list of them on this page.

Next to each product group there are three icons with different options to manage your groups under the column labeled "ACTION".

BLUE PENCIL ICON. This will take you to the same popup window where you created the product group you’ve selected. You can rename the group, add or delete rules, or edit any other field.

GREY PAPER ICON This will allow you to duplicate your product group and will open up the creator popup with the fields filled out the same way as the product group you’ve selected to duplicate.

RED TRASH CAN ICON This will delete your product group when selected and remove it from your list. You will be prompted with a “are you sure?” popup window to confirm this action.

Before you exit the popup windows be sure to press SAVE. You will be directed back to the main product group manager page.

For the best practices for creating and managing product groups, CLICK HERE to learn more.

Updated on: 12/03/2020

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