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How to create and manage cross-sells

How to create cross-sells

Creating cross-sells is similar to creating related products but with an added benefit which may be relevant to the products you’re trying to sell. If a user is on a product page and you want to try to promote a complimentary product which isn’t in the same product category, this would be the way to do it. For example, if the product is a dog collar you may not want to promote other collars, but rather dog leashes to hopefully lead to an additional purchase.

In the left hand menu, locate the TOOLS tab and click to open the secondary menu. Click the CROSS-SELLS tab to open the cross-sells management page.

On this page you will see a PLUS (+) button. Click this to open a window where you can create a cross-sell.

NAME: Here you name your cross-sell. This name will not display anywhere, it is only for the purpose of your personal organization.

CUSTOM MESSAGE: In this field you can add a short message to introduce the products you are trying to cross-sell. This could be something like: “People often buy these products too!” or “You may also be interested in:”.

SEARCH FOR PRODUCTS TO CROSS-SELL: Next you will see a search bar where you can search through your products and select up to 5 you want to cross-sell. You may do this for only one of your products but if there are others you will be adding similar cross-sells too, this is a quick way to do up to 5 at once.

SHOW BEFORE OR AFTER RELATED PRODUCTS PANEL: Here you can set whether your cross-sells will appear before or after the tool displays related products. Prioritize which is more important, similar products or complimentary products, to make this decision and use the slider to enable one or the other.

TRIGGER ONCE FOR ANY PRODUCT: If you select “All Products” on the slider, the products you’ve chosen to cross-sell in the creator will display on all product pages and any other cross-sells you’ve previously created will be disabled. If you choose “Trigger with Product Groups” you will be able to select the product groups from the list below where you want to cross-sell the products you’ve selected earlier in the creator.

To select multiple product groups, press and hold the CONTROL (PC) or COMMAND (MAC) key on your keyboard before clicking on the additional products groups you want to select. You can also select multiple groups using the SHIFT key on either computer so long as the groups are listed next to each other.

Once you are done editing these fields, click SAVE at the bottom of the creator page. The changes to your CartLOVE tool should occur immediately.

How to manage cross-sells

In the left hand menu, locate the TOOLS tab and click to open the secondary menu. Click the CROSS-SELLS tab to open the cross-sells management page.

The first slider on this page is labeled “Enable Cross-Sells”. Turning this on will allow your cross-sells to display on product pages.

In the second field you can designate how many cross-sell offers you want to display per each visit. You can select up to 5.

Below you will see a list of the cross-sells you’ve created.

ACTION: The final column in your list of cross-sells is labeled “Action” and there are a few things you can do here.

The BLUE PENCIL ICON will take you to the same popup window where you created the cross-sell where you can now edit it. You can change any field here.

The RED TRASHCAN ICON will delete your cross-sell when selected and remove it from your list. You will be prompted with a “are you sure?” popup window to confirm this action.

NOTE: The changes made in the cross-sell manager will automatically save after you edit them.

For the best practices for creating and managing cross-sells, CLICK HERE to learn more.

Updated on: 12/04/2020

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