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How to change the icon design & color of the button and interface

On the left hand menu you will find the DESIGN tab. Click this to access the style options and format the aesthetic of your CartLOVEe tool.

The first two sliders indicate your theme options. The top slider is for your mobile layout and the second one is for your desktop. The dark theme is selected by default for both, so just move the sliders to the right to switch to the light theme. (See examples below)

The third slider sets which side of the screen you’d like the CartLOVE tool to appear on your website. It is set at left by default, so slide the button to the right if you’d rather the tool pop out from the right side of the screen.

The fourth and final slider is the icon your tool will display. By default this is set to a “hamburger style” menu option, but if you slide the button to the right, it will change to display a magnifying glass icon. (See examples below)

*PRO TIP: When choosing your icon, ask yourself which would better serve your customers. Stick with the menu if you want to show a general way to use all the CartLOVE features. Choose the magnifying glass if you want to highlight the tool’s search functionality.

When you have finished, press the SAVE button beneath the sliders. The changes will happen automatically, so check your website to see the newly stylized CartLOVE Tool.

Updated on: 11/25/2020

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