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How to add and manage promotions

How to add promotions:

In the left hand menu, locate the TOOLS tab and click to open the secondary menu. Click PROMOTIONS to open the editor where you can see/edit a list of all your promotions and create new ones. In the upper righthand corner, click the PLUS (+) Button to create a new promotion. This will open up a popup window with several empty fields.

TITLE: In the first field, enter the title of your promotion. This title will display on your website so be sure to make it clear exactly what this promotion entails (Which product group it applies to, the percent/dollars off, etc.) in a short and efficient manner.

PROMO CODE: In the second field, you can enter a promo code for your customers to copy and enter during checkout. However, this field is optional. If the discount is automatic and you don’t want to include a promo code, just leave this field blank and the CartLOVE tool will automatically omit the section entirely.

PROMO TEXT: The third field is your promotion text which is a great place to include any further details about your promotion you didn’t cover in the title section. If there are any terms and conditions, this would be the place to add them.

DISPLAY PAGES: Under the first 3 fields you will see a slider labeled “Show on All Pages” and a box with your product groups underneath it. This is where you can choose the pages of your website where your promotion will be displayed. If this is a general promotion for all of your products or if you want the promotion to display on all pages regardless of the product category the promotion relates to, click the slider to turn on “Show On All Pages”. If you want the promotion to only display on the product pages the promotion is relevant to, leave the slider as it is and select the specific product group from the dropdown menu below.

To select multiple product groups, press and hold the CONTROL(PC) or COMMAND (MAC) key on your keyboard before clicking on the additional products groups you want to select. You can also select multiple groups using the SHIFT key on either computer so long as the groups are listed next to each other.

ENABLE STICKY OPEN: Now the next slider you see will be “Enable Sticky Open”. This is an optional display feature which allows your promotion to stay displayed after it pops up until the user goes to a different page. If you do want to limit the time the promotion is displayed before another feature displays, do not enable this slider and go to the next section.

MESSAGE STAY TIME: Here you can set how long your promotion will appear for. The unit to enter in this field is measured in milliseconds. So for example, if you want your promotion to stay displayed for three seconds, you would enter 3000 milliseconds since every second is 1000 milliseconds.

COUNTDOWN TIMER: Lastly, you’ll see a slider labeled “display countdown”. When enabled, you will see a few “Promotion Countdown” fields appear where you can enter a date and time in which this promotion will end. By doing so, your promotion will now display a countdown timer to your customers showing how long they have to act in order to take advantage of the promotion. Under this, you will have a field labeled “Repeats” where you can dictate how often you want this timer to reset after the time runs out. Or you can pick a specific date for it to repeat. This whole section is voluntary, if you do not wish to add a countdown timer to your promotion, make sure the “Display Countdown” slider is disabled.

If you are satisfied with the details of your promotion, click CREATE.

How to manage promotions:

After creating promotions, you can manage and edit them at any time. Locate the TOOLS tab in the left hand menu and click to open the secondary menu. Click PROMOTIONS and you will see a list of all your created promotions at the bottom of the page. You will also see a few general options you can set to manage how your promotions are displayed.

NOTE: All changes made in the promotions manager will automatically save after you edit these options.


At the top, find a slider labeled “Promotions Enabled”. Be sure this is turned on to make your promotions active. You can pick and choose which specific promotions are active later on the page, but first you must turn this slider on to make sure promotions will display in general.

Underneath this, you should see a field labeled “Promotions per Page”. If you have multiple active promotions running at once, this is where you can designate how many will be displayed on any particular page. You can designate the order of these promotions later, but make sure you fill out this field first if you want to rotate through multiple promotions.

Now you can now set how long it will take for your promotion to be showcased on your website using the field “Show After Milliseconds”. Every second is composed of one thousand milliseconds, so for example, if you want your promotion to display three second after a user lands on a page you would set this field as 3000 milliseconds.

The same goes for the “Rotate After Milliseconds” field. If you are running multiple promotions at a time, this dictates how long it will take for your promotion to rotate to display the next promotion. This also works in milliseconds, so if you want them to rotate every five seconds, for example, set this field at five thousand milliseconds.


STATUS: Now you will see a list of the promotions you’ve created. In this list there are a few things you can manage. First, you will see a column labeled “Status” with a slider for every promotion you have created. You can toggle this column to turn a promotion on and off. If you disable a promotion using this slider it will not display on your website with the others.

Pro Tip: Switching the status slider to disable a promotion is helpful if you want to save the promotion to use again later but don’t want it running at the moment.

ORDER: Next is the column labeled “Order” and can be used to dictate the order your promotions will display. If there is a promotion you want to display first, enter the number one into this field. For the second promotion you’d like to display, enter the number two, and so on.

ACTION: The final column is labeled “Action” and there are a few things you can do here.

BLUE PENCIL ICON will take you to the same popup window where you created the promotion where you can now edit it. You can change any field here including the promotion’s title, promo code, countdown timer, etc.

GREY PAPER ICON will allow you to duplicate your promotion and will open up the creator popup with the fields filled out the same way as the promotion you’ve selected to duplicate.

RED TRASHCAN ICON will delete your promotion when selected and remove it from your list. You will be prompted with a “are you sure?” popup window to confirm this action.

Updated on: 12/03/2020

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