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How to add a countdown timer to promotions

To add a countdown timer to a promotion, go to the left hand menu, locate the TOOLS tab and click to open the secondary menu. Click PROMOTIONS to open the editor where you can see/edit a list of all your promotions and create new ones.

If the promotion already exists, you can find it in the list below and press the BLUE PENCIL ICON to open the editor. To create a new promotion, click the PLUS (+) Button.

In the promotion editor window, the final field is a slider labeled “display countdown”. When enabled, you will see a few “Promotion Countdown” fields appear where you can enter a date and time in which this promotion will end. By doing so, your promotion will now display a countdown timer to your customers showing how long they have to act in order to take advantage of the promotion.

Under this, you will have a field labeled “Repeats” where you can dictate how often you want this timer to reset after the time runs out. Or you can pick a specific date for it to repeat. This whole section is voluntary, if you do not wish to add a countdown timer to your promotion, make sure the “Display Countdown” slider is disabled.

If you are satisfied with the details of your countdown timer, click SAVE or CREATE. The changes will occur immediately.

Updated on: 12/02/2020

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