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Best practices for related products

Below, please find the best tips for setting up related products. To learn how to set up related products, CLICK HERE. 

Creating Related Products Categories can take a lot of time depending on how granular they are inside your overall product catalog. To get more immediate usage and results from this function, start by creating larger Product Groups in the beginning so that most of your products fall into at least one Related Products Category. Then later, you can carve out smaller Related Product Categories.

To carve our smaller Related Product Categories, you’ll want to set up new, smaller Product Groups for the product you want to “carve out.” Do this by creating a new Product Group that targets exactly the products you want. You may find that you need to make use of additional ‘And’ rules to filter down products you are specifically looking for. Next you’ll need to exclude these products from the original, larger Product Group. You may find that you need to use the ‘does not contain’ modifier with the ‘And’ rule to properly exclude the exact set of products you have carved out.

Updated on: 12/03/2020

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