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Best practices for cross-sells

Below, please find the best tips for creating cross-sells.

The two potential purposes of a Cross-sell is to a) add on specific products which would complement the purchase of an individual product or b) to upsell a customer out of a certain product purchase into the purchase of a higher profit product.

Try to limit the amount of overlap in Product Groups that a single product would use to trigger a Cross-sell. By having too many products show up as a cross-sell or upsell, it could be harder to manage the messaging and intent you have for each Cross-sell.

One way to reduce confusion between Related Products and Cross-sells is to select ‘Ignore Related Products if Cross-Sell exists.’ from the Related Products settings page.

Individual Cross-sells are only shown to a user once during a visit. However, multiple Cross-sells can be shown to a user in a single visit. To limit repetitive Cross-sells, try not to create multiple Cross-sells which have the same cross-sell products.

If you plan on creating lots of Cross-sell opportunities, keep in mind that if your Product Groups are targeting a small number of products or lots of similar products, that customers could become bombarded with the Cross-sell screens. In this case, consider limiting the ‘Number of Cross-sells shown per visit.’

Updated on: 12/03/2020

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